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Shocking the Audi

This bulletin applies to 2010 Audi Q5 models that feature the adaptive dampers suspension warning light on (Suspension: System Fault), with DTCs 00142, 00143, 00144, 00145 and/or 03264 stored.

Ram Cruise Control

This bulletin applies to 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 trucks built on or before May 1, 2013, that have an issue with slow or no response cruise control operation.

<p>Mahle has increased vehicle coverage for its TechPro diagnostic scan tool.</p> Mahle's TechPro Diagnostic Scan Tool Covers More Vehicles

Mahle Service Solutions, a division of Mahle Aftermarket Inc., has added more Ford, Lexus and Toyota vehicles to its TechPro diagnostic scan tool’s coverage.

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<p>Figure 1: The purge solenoid harness must be modified to avoid contact with the heater hoses. Create a bend in the purge solenoid harness and wrap with electrical tape. 1) Heater core supply and return hoses; 2) Purge solenoid; 3) Purge solenoid wire harness.</p> Jeep Goes Clatter

Owners of 2011-2013 Jeep Compass or Patriot vehicles equipped with a 2.4L engine and either the Continuously Variable Transaxle or the Continuously Variable Transaxle with Off-Road Crawl Ratio may complain of a clatter or rattle noise from the engine upon cold start-up after a long cold soak. A MIL may also be on, with DTC P050B (cold start ignition timing performance) stored.

<p>Bartec will show off its TPMS tools at the Tire Industry Association (TIA) Global Tire Expo during the SEMA Show and AAPEX in Las Vegas in November.</p> Bartec Offers Increased Placard Coverage for Tech400Pro

Bartec USA has added 23 vehicles to its Tech400Pro and Tech500 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) tools’ capabilities for adjusting the recommended inflation pressure (RIP or placard). Seven of these additions are new, never-offered-before coverage.

<p>After cleaning wheel and rotor hat mounting surfaces, install replacement wheel nuts featuring a blue conical surface (P/N 9598179).</p> Caddy Click

This bulletin applies to 2009-2013 Cadillac CTS-V models built prior to VIN breakpoint D0106083. A clicking noise may be heard from the front wheels. This condition is noticed at low speed during full wheel lock turns on dry clean pavement. The clicking noise is generally noted as approximately one to four clicks per wheel revolution.

<p>The Alliance Service Center Advisory Council consists of 10 active members. Each member of the council serves a two-year term with a new five members being selected every year.</p> Alliance Names Five to Advisory Council

Five new members have joined the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Service Center Advisory Council. They will advise the Alliance on “street level” issues facing shop owners.

<p>Inspect the headlight connectors for corrosion.</p> Powerless Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 328i models equipped with option 522 (Xenon lights). The power windows and/or power mirrors may be inoperative. The LED on the headlight switch may be flashing, and there may be a check control message for Windows/Mirrors/Headlights. There may also be a complaint of water in one or both headlights. One of the following codes may be stored:

OTC Releases Bravo 2.7 Diagnostic Software Update for Encore

OTC, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, has released an Encore diagnostics software update that expands vehicle information and coverage to 642 new systems and 2,314 new vehicle-ECU combinations.

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<p>Chicago Pneumatic says the new CP85030, CP85050, CP85080 and CP85100 air hydraulic jacks enable heavy vehicle service professionals to get their job done quickly and efficiently.</p>
Chicago Pneumatic Launches Series of Air Hydraulic Jacks
<p>Gates Corp. says 12&nbsp; branched hoses with factory quality connectors for OE fit are part of its latest release of coolant hoses.</p>
Gates Expands Coolant Hose Coverage
<p>JS Products says its new Steelman RT-4000 reset tool has step-by-step instructions on the tool to make it quick and easy to perform reset procedures.</p>
JS Products Introduces Steelman RT-4000 Pro Reset Tool
<p>The Bendix Fleet MetLok product line is ideal for use in heavy hauling, towing, frequent stopping, and pursuit application, notes the company.</p>
MAT Holdings Offers Bendix Fleet MetLok Brakes for Severe-Duty Applications
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