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Gee, it doesn’t look like a Buick

Owners of 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne vehicles may complain that the battery goes dead when the vehicle is parked. Battery electrical drain/parasitic load testing may reveal an abnormally high current draw that is traced to the F12 BCM LOGIC fuse (2006-2007 models), BCN fuse 19 (2008 models) and BCM fuse 32 (2009-2011) located in the rear fuse block. The problem may seem intermittent.

Diesel-off whine

This bulletin applies to 2009 VW Jetta Sedan GLI (diesel) models. A TDI common rail high pitch whine noise may be heard after switching the ignition to the off position.

<p>CRP Automotive's new promotion, called &ldquo;Choose Rein and Cash In Big,&rdquo; rewards technicians who collect and redeem UPC codes from the purchase of Rein Automotive replacement parts.</p> CRP Automotive launches 'Choose Rein and Cash In Big' promotion

CRP Automotive, part of CRP Industries Inc., has launched a rewards promotion targeting professional service technicians. The promotion, called “Choose Rein and Cash In Big,” rewards technicians who collect and redeem UPC codes from the purchase of Rein Automotive replacement parts.

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New module won’t talk?

You may notice that after an EBCM replacement that you have no communication with the ABS system, further complicating diagnosis. This is likely due to no operating system software installed in the EBCM from the supplier. DTC U0121 may or may not be set.

<p>ASP Editor Mike Mavrigian won a gold medal for his article on premature brake wear from the International Automotive Media Competition.</p> ASP wins gold medal for brake article

Auto Service Professional combined with its sister publication Modern Tire Dealer to win four awards, including three gold medals, for editorial excellence from the 24th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC) judges.

<p>The Lexus LS600H requires long-reach spark plugs. Running shorter &ldquo;conventional&rdquo; plugs will result in misfiring.</p> Shrouded spark

This bulletin applies to 2008 Lexus LS600H vehicles with the MIL on and DTC P030# stored after a spark plug change. In most cases P0300 is stored. The vehicle may run rough and misfire on cold starts and under acceleration.

Centric Parts debuts new slogan and marks 15 years

Centric Parts is marking its 15th anniversary in 2015 with a new ad campaign and slogan that celebrates the manufacturer's expertise and reputation for excellence: Centric Delivers, From Lab to Lift.

Focus on the noise

Some 2012-2013 Ford Focus vehicles built on or before 10-22-12 may exhibit a crunching or creaking type noise from the front suspension on low speed turns over bumps.

<p>Bosch's engine management program covers domestic, Asian and European applications.</p> Bosch offers a full range of engine management sensors

Robert Bosch LLC offers a full range of engine management sensors that monitor the systems on today’s vehicles that control engine performance, fuel economy, vehicle emissions and more.

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<p>The Easy Escape Steel Toe boot now comes with a protective scuff cap.</p>
Redback USA boots provide protection for workers
<p>Carbon Cleaning says its machine&nbsp;uses hydrogen to clean engines.</p>
Carbon Cleaning machine makes engines shine
<p>Arnott says its new aftermarket rear air springs for several late-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles include a multi-ply Continental ContiTech air spring bladder.</p>
Arnott introduces rear air springs for Mercedes-Benz E-Class models
<p>This control arm is one of 241 parts added to the Moog brand steering and suspension line. Federal-Mogul Motorparts says the new parts represent more than 60 million additional vehicle repair opportunities.</p>
Federal-Mogul has added 241 steering and suspension parts so far in 2015
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